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White Wine, Black Wine

Land in the Cape vine-growing region sells for billions of rand per hectare – if you can find any for sale. So how can black people, living in Cape Town’s vast and impoverished townships, ever hope to enter the most lucrative business on their doorstep?

Sheila Hlangwa is an energetic and charismatic Xhosa woman with a plan to become a successful entrepreneur. She comes from Guguletu township, a violent and dangerous area but also one of aspiration and hope. Through a government scheme Sheila has teamed up with Rolf Zeitvogel chief winemaker at Blauuwklippen, perhaps the plummiest and whitest vineyard of them all. Established near Stellenbosch in 1692, Blauuwklippen is a byword for exclusive Afrikaaner wine-making. Together Sheila and Rolf hope to create top-quality black wine and sell it in the townships.

But there are many pitfalls: can Rolf, in his suit and tie, ever understand Sheila’s background and the township culture? Can Sheila overcome the demons of apartheid? We travel with them between their two very different worlds and watch as they try to work together – black and white – to make a wine that will wow the crowds at the Soweto wine festival.