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Global Warming - The Winners

A four-part documentary series charting the potentially cataclysmic movements in the politics and economics of humankind as climatic changes bite harder in the 21st century.

Most analysis so far has focussed on the threats from global warming; this series examines the controversial benefits, who will get them, and who will not. This is not a programme about conspiracy theories - but a hard look into the ways industrialists are already planning to benefit from global warming and how entire societies may need to reorganise in the coming decades, impacting enormously on the future lives of today’s children.

We talk to internationally-renowned futurologists, climatologists and economists to assess the global impact on human society of climate change. The prediction is that tropical zones will suffer, the temperate regions will benefit. Cold regions will see huge change and development. Existing problems of human migration and poverty will be further exacerbated driving massive social disruptions. But the melting of the icecaps will give access to huge new mineral and fossil fuel wealth, sustaining and even stimulating the world’s growing demand for energy and industrialised consumer products.