ThinkTank Shuns The Obvious

By exploring farther afield and digging deeper, we find the best stories by treating people as partners rather than subjects. We treat the camera not as an isolated observer, but as a conduit. We get involved. So we allow audiences to feel more and engage more fully with an amazing world they may not have seen. There is true grit, jeopardy and realism - but also optimism, opportunity and renewal. Our films capture people grappling with a complex and exhilarating world.

Some of ThinkTank’s recent films look at the borders between humanity and the animal world. As global populations rise these boundaries are constantly being tested, and incursions in either direction can have profound outcomes that shift the delicate balance between human and nature.

All of our films aim to provoke people to think, to marvel, to reflect on their own lives, and to explore.

Richard Johns

Richard Johns Profile Picture

Richard Johns has been making television and feature films for many years. Coming out of the Tyneside film revival of the 1980s, Richard went on to become a major film producer with credits on everything from low budget British thrillers to Hollywood motion pictures. He has a track record for spotting and launching some of the UK’s most exciting new talent including writers, directors, actors. He has held senior and advisory roles in a number of film and television industry bodies such as the likes of Bafta and Skillset.

Kevin Rushby

Kevin Rushby Profile Picture

Kevin Rushby is a Guardian journalist and correspondent whose Explorer column has introduced readers to new possibilities in travel. His books on history and travel have been translated into a dozen languages and his Hunting Pirate Heaven was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. He works on television productions as both presenter and producer.